Affiliate Program

Become our partner and earn 18% of every Premium subscription that you generate every month. Forever!

If you already have an account on, you can just login.

Minimum Payout
Monthly Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become an affiliate of NinjaBet?

Anybody can promote our platform.

How do I become an affiliate?

Just create an account.

Where is the affiliation link?

It’s the dashboard. The affiliate link is unique for every affiliate.

Can I use NinjaBet’s logo to do promotion?

Yes you can. But without damaging our brand.

How can I know if a user has registered using my link?

When a user arrives on our website after clicking on your link, his browser will receive a cookie. This cookie contains the ID of your affiliate account. When the user purchases Premium, a commission is created under your affiliate account.

How long do the cookies last?

45 days.

How are payments processed?

You will receive your payment via PayPal. We will request your PayPal account when we need to process your payment.

Is it necessary to achieve a minimum amount before receiving the payment?

Yes. You will need to achieve at least 200$ by the end of the month. If you didn’t achieve this amount, the balance will be accumulated until you reach the minimum amount.

When will I receive the payment?

Within the 15 and the 30 of the following month. For example, if you have generated a commission of 1000$ in September, you will receive the payment between the 15 and the 30 of the month of October.