How to use the Dutcher

In some cases you’ll need to or it could be more profitable, to cover your bet in a different way to the classic Back+Lay. In these cases, you’ll have to use the dutcher to search for the most profitable combinations.

In other words, the Dutcher is the Back+Back Oddsmatcher, and the only diifference is that you have to cover your bets, placing it on contrary outcomes. (meanwhile with the Back+Lay, you do it on the same outcome).


  • Open the Dutcher.
  • Select the most profitable bet (highest rating).
  • Open the calculator and select the correct mode.
  • Insert the betting amount.
  • Bet the on the correspondent bookmakers.


If we have to bet 100$ on Draftkings on real money mode (meaning on a high rating):

  • We open the Dutcher.
  • Select Drafkings.
  • Select a bet with a high rating. (In our case Moneyline Marquette v Villanova).
  • We open the back-back calculator.
  • Select real money mode.
  • Insert 100$ on the betting amount.

  • We search for the event on both bookmakers.
  • Make sure the odds are the same.
  • We bet 100$ on Marquette result on Draftkings.

  • We bet the amount the back – back calculator shows and round it to the closet number, in this case it shows 39.71, so we round it to 40$. Villanova on Fanduel.

  • At the end of the event:
    • we lose 2.97$ if the bet on Draftkings wins.
    • We lose 2$ if the bet on Fanduel wins.