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Matched Betting is a mathematical technique that allows anyone to make money online by converting bonuses offered by the betting websites into real money.

NinjaBet is the first community in the US that offers its users the possibility to earn an additional income by doing Matched Betting.

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How Does NinjaBet work?

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Every year betting websites distribute millions of Dollars in Bonuses to motivate customers to place more bets. Matched Betting is a mathematical technique that uses these bonuses to convert them into Real Money, allowing our users to make up to $1,000 per month, working comfortably from home.


Matched Betting has nothing to do with gambling, since by its nature it does not carry any risk.

At its foundation, it consists in applying mathematical rules that eliminate the aleatory risk associated with gambling.


In a short time, our services have been well received in the US, attesting to the security and profitability of the system. Our community is mainly made up of young university students, housewives and general workers. All with the same goal in mind: to Earn Money Online. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it really work?

Yes! Si! Oui! Ja! Ayo! We will repeat it in every language of the world if necessary. Matched Betting works! We suggest you have a look at the profits generated by our users and decide for yourself.

How much can I earn with NinjaBet?

How much you earn will depend on how much time you can dedicate to this activity. The majority of our users earn up to $1,000 a month. Check out this article that explains in more detail the amount of profit you can earn with NinjaBet.

Is it Risky?

Since you will be betting on every single outcome of an event, by essence you will eliminate the aleatory risk that is involved with traditional gambling. The only potential risk that can arise is that of human error, for example, placing a wrong bet. Following our step-by-step guides and tutorials, however, will ensure that you make a safe profit every time.

Why do Betting Websites allow this?

Every betting website knows about Matched Betting and that people can earn money online with this method, but:

1) The number of people that use these bonuses to convert them into real money through Matched Betting are very small compared to the number of people who use these same bonuses to gamble in the traditional way. Clearly, the bonuses generate a lot of revenues for the betting websites, so it is not to their advantage to stop offering them to potential customers.

2) The betting websites can’t prevent Matched Betting because they don’t know how to distinguish real gamblers from Ninjas. The only way to stop Matched Betting would be to stop offering bonuses altogether, but this will never happen because the majority of people:

– Believe that Matched Betting is a risky activity instead of a calculated technique to make money online and only a few understand the real financial potential of this method.

– Believe that Matched Betting is complicated even if it’s based on very simply mathematical rules. Of course it needs to be understood and learned and so it requires some time to become fast at it. In any case, we at NinjaBet are here to simplify the steps for you so that you can earn your first $100 in less than an hour!

Who can use NinjaBet to do Matched Betting?

Anyone who is 21 years and older and resides in a state where online betting is permitted. If you meet these 2 requirements, the only thing left is the determination to make some money online with us! 😉

Is this legal?

Yes, Matched Betting is 100% legal. In fact, former Media Relations Director of William Hill, Graham Sharpe stated the following in an interview with The Telegraph: “There is no illegal element. It’s a free wager, so you can do whatever you want.”.

The gambling industry is very similar to the insurance business, where statistics, probability and the law of big numbers allow businesses to generate high profits.

In a perfect world, the revenues and costs should have a zero sum, allowing for a fair profit to the betting websites. But this doesn’t happen and bookmaker earn so much more that they can offer a lot of bonuses to acquire even more customers. Matched Betting renders this system more fair by redistributing profits to those who do not wish to gamble.

I don’t know anything about betting. Will I manage?

Yes! Since you will not be placing traditional bets, our guides are specifically made with you in mind. That means that every offer will be explained in detail, and in a step-by-step process. You will have at your disposal all the instructions necessary to complete each step and withdraw your earnings.

I am a traditional bettor. Can I still do it?

Yes. Matching betting can help you make a winning bet every time, even if you have opened many accounts previously. And because bonuses are frequently given to existing customers, you can still keep generating profits each week by taking advantage of our recurring offers.

Do I have to follow soccer, football, baseball or other sports?

No. Matched betting does not follow the same logic as traditional gambling. You will bet on every outcome, without needing to know the teams playing or following any sport.😉

Do I have to be good at math?

No. The tools that we have developed are specifically made for matched betting and will do all the calculations for you! You need only follow all the indicated steps listed in our guides.

How much is NinjaBet?

To register on NinjaBet is Free, which will give you access to the first guide that will allow you to:

  • Understand what Matched Betting is.
  • Earn $100 with the first bonus.

In order to keep earning every month, you will have to become a Premium member.

How can I contact NinjaBet?

For any questions about Matched Betting or NinjaBet, you can email us at [email protected] or write us in the NinjaClub (NinjaBet’s forum).

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