When to use the Parlaytor

You have to use the Parlaytor for offers where you have to place a Parlay Bet.


  1. Name of the Parlay: the name that you want to give to the Parlay so you can recognize it quickly on your Saved Parlays (tip: pick a name that is easy to associate to the offer that your are completing).
  2. #Events: the number of events (bets) in the parlay.
  3. Bet amount: the amount you bet on the parlay on the bookmaker.
  4. Odds Format: if you want to use American odds or Decimal odds.
  5. Mode:
    • Real Money: you have to use this mode when you back bet using your own money. The “Profit” shows a negative result (a loss).
    • Freebet: use this mode with the freebet offers.
    • Refund: use this mode with refund offers.
    • Bonus: use this mode when you use a bonus. The “Profit” will be positive.
    • Rollover: use this mode when you bet with a rollover bonus.
  6. Rating: the rating of the parlay.
  7. Profit: the profit or loss of the parlay.
  8. Date: the date and time of the events in the parlay.
  9. Events: the events included in the parlay.
  10. Bet: the result you are betting on (winner, draw, over, under, etc).
  11. Back 1 odds: the odds of the back bet 1.
  12. Back 2 odds: the odds of the back bet 2.
  13. Book 2: the bookmaker 2 you use to place your back bet 2.
  14. Back 2 Com: eventual commission on the bookmaker 2.
  15. Back-Bet 2: the amount you need to place as back bet 2.

Only with Refund mode you also have:

  • Refund: the amount you will receive if the parlay loses.

Steps to follow:

  • Open the Parlaytor.
  • Insert the bet amount.
  • Insert the data related to the events (date, time, event, bet). ATTENTION: the events need to begin at different times, select events with a gap of 2-3 hours between them.
  • Insert the back 1 and back 2 odds.
  • You have to place the parlay (Back Bet 1) on the Bookmaker.
  • At first you have to place only the Back Bet 2 to cover the event 1 of the parlay with the amount shown by the Multiplicator.
  • When the event 1 finishes:
    • If the 1st bet of the parlay loses: you don’t have to do anything else. The parlay is lost, and your Back Bet 2 won.
    • If the 1st bet of the parlay wins: you have to place another Back Bet 2 to cover the event 2 of the parlay with the amount shown by the Parlaytor.
  • When the event 2 finishes, you have to apply the same logic again. And so on for every other bet included in the parlay until either the Accumulator wins or one of the Back Bet 2 wins.


The odds to bet on the following events could vary respect to the ones first used on the parlay in the multiplicator. To calculate the exact profit, you can close the locks in order to “block” the amount placed as Back Bet 2.

Saved Parlays

You can save all the details of your Parlay by clicking the save button .