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NinjaBlog is your portal to articles, tips and information on how to make money online through, the world’s largest Matched Betting site that has been helping thousands of people to earn an alternative income since 2016.


What to Expect at the 2024 Italian Open

How it all started, who are the favorites and who is predicted to win this year.


The Secrets of Basketball Betting

Ready to take your basketball betting to the next level?


11 + 2 Easter Wishes

For Matched Betting Fans.


24 Cool Tech Gadgets

Paid for With NinjaBet Profits.


7 Ways to Save Money

And Still Live Your Best Life!


The Evolution of Marco’s Betting Strategy

From Traditional Betting to Profitable Matched Betting.


Balancing Work and Studies

Find the Ideal Online Student Job.


A Dad’s Guide to Matched Betting

Boosting the Family Budget with Smart Strategies.


3 Novel Ideas of Financial Education

The Influencer’s Guide to New Content Ideas.


A Chat with Ninja Nicolò

An Interview with a NinjaBet Premium user.


Is Matched Betting Legal?

One of the most frequent questions that we receive from new users and people exploring the capabilities of Matched Betting.


12 Ideas for an Online Job from Home in 2024

A curated list of reliable ideas for an additional online job from the comfort of your home.

ninjabet-matchedé es el Matched Betting

What is Matched Betting?

How it works and how to start making money online.

15 Free Ways to Promote Your
Affiliate Link

Here you will find how you can join the NinjaBet Affiliate Program and make the most with your personal link.


Matched Betting in Illinois

Can you do Matched Betting in Illinois?


Matched Betting in New Jersey

Can you do Matched Betting in New Jersey?


Matched Betting in New York

Can you do Matched Betting in New York?

Ganancia Matemática-ganar-online-matched-betting-ninjabet-ninjablog-artículo-matemáticas-calculadora-números-png-jpg

Mathematical Profits with Matched Betting

Discover the basic mathematical technique of matched betting.

utenti premium-ninjabet-ninja davide-guadagna online-lavorare da casa-studente-ninjablog-intervista

A Chat with Ninja Davide

An Interview with a NinjaBet Premium user.


The Dutcher of NinjaBet

What the Oddsmatcher is, how to use it and for what it’s needed.

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A Chat with Ninja Andrea

An Interview with a NinjaBet Premium user.

guadagni-ninjabet-ninjablog-intervista-utenti premium-ninja massimo-crossfit

A Chat with Ninja Massimo

An Interview with a NinjaBet Premium user.


Stop Losing, Start Winning!

10 reasons why you should start using NinjaBet right away.


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