The Profit Tracker is a tool, that’s going to allow you to record your bets and profits made.

Add a bet directly from the Oddsmatcher

In order to add a new transaction directly from the Oddsmatcher, click on the button “Add to the PT” on the calculator.

After clicking, you’ll be taken to the Profit Tracker, where you’ll see the information of the selected bet. In order to save the transaction, click on Save.

Access the Profit Tracker, and you’ll find the recorded information.

Add a bet manually

In order to add a new transaction manually, click on Add and select the type of transaction.

The types of transaction are:

  • MB F-C: Back – Lay bets related to matched betting.
  • MB F-F: Back – Back related to matched betting.
  • Sure F-C: Back – Lay bets related to surebets.
  • Sure F-F: Back – Back bets related to surebets.
  • Casino: transactions related to casino games.
  • More: any other custom transaction you would like to register.

Add a Back – Lay or Back – Back Bet

To add Back – Lay or Back – Back bets, you need to complete the next information:

  • DATE/TIME: when the bet was made.
  • BOOKMAKER 1: the bookmaker where you placed the back bet.
  • EXCHANGE: the exchange where you made the lay bet. (only for back – lay bets).
  • BOOKMAKER 2: the bookmaker where you placed the 2nd back bet. ( only for back – back bets).
  • NOTES: any other information you would like to save.
  • EVENT: the game where you placed your bet.
  • BET: the bet you made.
  • REAL MONEY: the real money you used to place the bet on bookmaker 1.
  • BONUS: bonus money used to bet. (in case there was).
  • REAL MONEY BOOKMAKER 2: the real money used to bet on bookmaker 2.( only on back – back bets).
  • ESTIMATED INCOME: the estimated profit from the transaction. Can be positive or negative.

After completing all the necessary information, click on save and the bet will show on the “Bet details” with a red icon on the “Completed” column. (meaning that the transaction hasn’t finish yet).

Complete the B – L and B – B bets

After the game where you placed you bets finishes, you can ‘complete’ the bet on the Profit tracker and visualize the result generated.

To complete the bet:

  1. Click on open.
  2. Click on Complete.
  3. Select the winning result.
  4. Insert the generated outcome from both bets.
    – For B-L: how much you made from the back and lay bets. (it will show automatically when the bet is added directly from the Oddsmatcher).
    – For B-B: how much you made from both Back bets. (it will show automatically, when the bet is added directly from the Dutcher).
  5. Click on Complete.

Once you complete the bet, the icon on ‘Bet details’, will turn green. Possibly you’ll have to click on update on the PT to see the change of the status on the bet.

Add a Casino transaction or other

For Casino and More, you can insert the profit directly.

Bet details

On the bet details, you’ll find summary of the profits recorded.


On the statistics section you’ll find:

  • A graph of the monthly profits divided by category (Matched Betting, SureBet, Casino and more).
  • A table with the data divided by category of the monthly and annual profits.
  • A graph with the daily profits over time.